The company’s business is based on an on-going work in service. We possess a variety of capabilities in respect to manufacturing machinery, equipment, subassemblies and spare parts for heavy industry on the basis of technical documentation provided by clients. We are highly experienced in manufacturing and repairing metallurgical furnaces, machinery, and equipment as well as sulphuric acid production departments.

We have the ability to carry out comprehensive work related to prefabrication, service, repair and assembly in the areas of industrial construction, construction and mechanical works, manufacture and repair of pressure devices, repair and modernization of hoisting equipment, electrical systems and in-plant means of transport.

We are one of the few companies in Poland specializing and thoroughly experienced in the construction of chemical resistant coatings. We place these coatings in tanks, apparatus and various reactors by vacuum bonding. We use the latest welding and thermoplastic material fusion welding devices.

Our machinery stock and miscellaneous modern means of production allow prompt and top quality execution of tasks.