For many years REMY Sp. z o.o. has been executing comprehensive repairs and investments for heavy industry both as an individual contractor and as a joint contractor. Participation in the project entitled “Construction of a treatment system for off-gases from rotary and stationary anode furnaces in Huta Miedź Głogów 2” resulted in the distinction granted by Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians (PZITB) as part of the contest “Construction of the Year 2003” (“Budowa Roku 2003”)

Major investment tasks that have been completed by the company include:

1997 – 2015

  • Periodic repairs of milling units and furnaces in gas extraction units located in sulphuric acid plants

2000 – 2005

  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Services related to the repair of tank structures and making of chemical resistant coating by fusion welding of thermoplastics (PP, PVDF, PFA, ECTFE) from the aforementioned tanks (2000)
  • DISA – Installation of cartridge filters along with COMBIFAB fans (2001)
  • AMK KRAKÓW SA – Gas exhaust and treatment system for newly built rotary anode furnaces and an existing stationary furnace in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2001)
  • AMK KRAKÓW SA – Gas exhaust and treatment system for rocking-rotary furnaces in the Lead Department in Huta Miedź “Głogów” (2001)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction of gas exhaust and treatment system for rotary anode furnaces nos 1 and 2, and stationary anode furnaces nos 4 and 5 (2002)
  • AMK KRAKÓW SA – Construction of off-gas treatment system for rotary and stationary anode furnaces in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2003)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Assembly and commissioning of anode preparation machine (2003)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – NOX removal system from sulphuric acid (2004)
  • AMK KRAKÓW SA, Metallurgical Department ? Gas extraction unit for anode furnaces in Huta Miedzi “Legnica” (2004)
  • ZUW URBEX – Crushed Ore Storage along with construction of belt conveyor trestle bridge in “Rudna” Mining Plant (2004)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – General repair of Kp-6 Steam Boiler in Heat and Power Station Department (2004)
  • Huta Miedzi “Legnica” – Installation of SOLINOX system for waste gas dechlorination and cooling (2004)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P-7 Increase of Tank House production capacity ? transformer stations at OE-1 and OE-2, and reconstruction of transformer stations nos 1-7 (2004)
  • Huta Miedzi “Cedynia” – Modernization of Ascaro furnace loading zone (2004)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction of gas cooling unit (unit 100) (2005)
  • Huta Miedzi “Cedynia” – Construction of foundations and structure of production hall along with foundations for oxygen-free wire rod production line (2005)

Since 2006

  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Prefabrication and installation of E201 and E202 heat exchangers (2006)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P24: Assembly and commissioning of carrousel machine (2006)
  • BIPROMET – Dust removing and gas desulphurisation system for fluidized-bed furnace in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2006)
  • BIPROMET – Construction of the post-neutralization sludge dewatering and filtration unit in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2006)
  • KGHM ECOREN – Modernization of the Sludge Filtration Building and modernization of rooms in the Administration and Social Building in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2006)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction, mechanical and process commissioning of LURGI BISCHOFF GmbH wet electrostatic precipitator assembly along with accompanying sulphuric acid plant systems and equipment of P-6 HMG Department (2007)
  • KGHM ECOREN – Construction and installation works related to the rhenium eluate production plant along with mechanical commissioning in Huta Miedzi “Głogów” (2007)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” ? Regeneration of pressure elements of waste-heat boiler behind fluidized-bed furnace (2008)
  • ZGH “Bolesław” – Installation of FKS 1 drying tower (2008)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Execution of modernization works in OSR22/1 (2009)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Execution of construction and assembly works as part of “P-22: Replacement of fluidized-bed furnace hearth cooling system” and “P-22: Replacement of fluidized-bed furnace blast preparation system” (2009)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction, delivery and installation of E501÷E507 exchangers for the task: “P-6: Restoration of Sulphuric Acid Plant” (2009)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P-6: Restoration of Sulphuric Acid Plant. Execution of construction and assembly works (2010)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P-6: Restoration of Sulphuric Acid Plant. Execution of construction and assembly works as part of stage 1b (2010)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction of Dorr clarifier for the assurance of execution of repair and process related needs of Sludge Filtration Station (2011)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Delivery and erection of steel structures as part of the construction of Combined Gas and Steam Plant in Głogów (2011)
  • KGHM/O ZWR Polkowice – Modernization of Main Workshop building within the area of ZWR Polkowice (2012)
  • Huta Miedzi “Cedynia” – Execution of works as part of the construction extraction system for Contirod line process gases in Huta Miedzi “Cedynia” (2012)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Change of the heating oil (cat. 3) distribution route from Main Fuel Station to Department Fuel Station (2012)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction of roasted ore tanks within the area of concentrate burner and desulphurisation system tank on Fluidized-bed Furnace reactivity shaft (2013)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P-22: Increase of the operating volume of a concentrate tank located over Fluidized-bed Furnace (2013)
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – P-26: Execution of construction and assembly works ? stage 1. Pyrometallurgy Modernization Programme (2013)
  • Huta Miedzi “Legnica” – Construction of a new contact unit for Sulphuric Acid Plant (2014).
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Repair of roller presses No. IV with dedusting installations in 2014/2015 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Modernisation of FKS in terms of building an additional reserve scrubber RFS – 100 and 500. 2014 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Prefabrication and delivery in the “Installation of Dedusting and Wet Constructor Gas Desulfurization”. 2015 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Spacers and securing of water and sewage networks within PZ and PE paths. 2015 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Replacement of the TM16 bottling machine – construction and assembly works. 2016 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction of the first absorption tower D302B. 2016 r.
  • Huta Miedzi “Głogów” – Construction and assembly works at the connections of the installation of concentrate roasting Cu. 2017 r.