This department manufactures the following complete equipment, subassemblies and spare parts for heavy industry:

  • turning stations,
  • parts for gears,
  • feeding hoppers,
  • caissons and water boxes for cooling envelopes of metalwork furnaces,
  • dryers, mixers, clarifiers and sludgers.

Moreover, it constructs the following transportation systems:

  • belt, scraper, bucket, worm and other conveyors,
  • pipelines and gas pipelines,
  • trestle bridges and over bridges.

We are extremely experienced in manufacturing forming rings for briquetting, shaping and extruding presses.

The department carries out construction and fusion welding works, including:

  • large-size steel, bridge and acid-resistant structures, including prefabrication of blast furnaces,
  • structures made of Sandvik SX austenitic steel,
  • local hood, gas extraction and desulphurisation systems,
  • lenticular compensators.

Equipment and tanks requiring the approval of the Office of Technical Inspection:

  • pressure tanks,
  • tanks for toxic and caustic materials,
  • heat exchangers,
  • heaters.

Renovation of parts for industrial equipment machinery and subassemblies.

Milling, grinding, lathing and fitting services as well as services related to fusion welding, sheet cutting, plastic forming of sheets and profiled mill sections.

While executing tasks, the department uses the following production technologies:

  • machining,
  • gas-plasma sheet cutting on CNC cutter,
  • plastic forming,
    • cold plastic forming
    • hot plastic forming,
  • heat and chemical treatment (maximum overall dimensions: 900x500x1200 mm):
    • toughening,
    • box carburizing.